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  • ❥Driver safe daddy keychain❥: best keychain gift for a truck driver or new driver constantly traveling; you may always get worried and warn him to be cautious, since many crazy drivers on the road, then it’s a nice reminder that he is missed and wanted at home.
  • ❥Giftable and thoughtful for any occasion❥: perfect for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day gift. Maybe he’s an unsafe driver when you’re not around, every time he looks at this present, he remembers that he needs to be safe because his kids need him.
  • Instead of saying or texting your dad drive safe all the time, hang a keychain pendant from his keys will be a better choice, and he will then read this every time he gets into his vehicle, reminding him to be careful.
  • ❥Little things count❥: it's a small gift but engraved with a very powerful message. Just something small to show you miss him and think about him all the time and how much you want him home safe.
  • ❥Nice soft edge around the keychain with design of simplicity❥: the letters are clear to read, will not break off easily. It’s of the perfect size for a man’s keys as well.

Key to open a door, keychain of meaning to express Love, encouragement, thanks, etc.

About Eulalia Eclogue:
When Eulalia was a kid, she received birthday gift with message beside her family keys from her father since he was too busy to celebrate with her.

On her graduation from College, she was surprised to finding that a ring hanging on her car keys, she cried for joy and accepted her boyfriend’s proposal.

Keys always remind her of the gift, the loving message, the ring; of how much she was loved by her father, husband and family.

Eulalia decided to make out something unique and sturdy, that could last on the keyring inspiring family and friend, Women and Men. That’s your Eulalia Eclogue keychain tag.

We focus on:
-making personalized keychains engraved with meaningful Mantra Quote;
-encouraging special someone to live a life of love.

We have:
-the most stylish designer;
-professional technical engineers;
-qualified auditors;
-passionate and patient customer service personnel.

★High quality stainless steel with shinny surface: keychain made from stainless steel, has passed strictest polish process to avoid any scratches, pits, sand holes, dark lines, creases, pollution, etc.

You will receive:
1x shinny keychain,
1x delicate packing box.